Yes, we renamed JazzMon

The tool formerly known as JazzMon has been renamed to JTSMon.

Given the tool’s popularity and wide-spread use, it made sense to align it more closely in name and version numbering with the CLM product family. Version 4.0 follows version 1.4.0 which has the new Excel macro visualizer to help make sense of the data which JTSMon can capture.

The JTSMon FAQ offers lots to help you get started. There is a 32-page user manual, and if you’re really impatient, a single-page QuickStart sheet. A downloadable .zip has all the moving parts, and release notes are published separately. There’s also a 10-minute video demo (Ok, so we didn’t re-record it when we changed the name), and a shorter one.

The older 1.4.0 version is still available. It works with RTC 2.x whereas the new 4.0 version works only with RTC 3.x and 4.x.

If you have questions or comments, please ask them at the forum. We’re still using the jazzmon tag there.