Like many (high-)tech workers, I’ve collected stuff over from the years which is just beginning to transition from worthless junk to curious junk.

For no reason whatsoever, here are a few things I’ve accumulated.


I went to a lot of MacWorlds back in the day, and when clones were permissible, I was all over that bandwagon. I no longer own PowerComputing tee-shirts, but still have this poster from 1996. I may have a PowerComputing mouse pad someplace. The PowerComputing machine is of course gone. Of course, my apologies to my colleagues at Intel. 225 MHz? Wow.

* * *


A sticker from 1996.

* * *


Some old Rational swag, probably picked up well before I started working for IBM. My first Rational tool was Rational Rose. Then the test tools, Robot, etc.

* * *


Word magnets meant to advertise Microsoft Office for the Mac from 2004. I tried to to attend as many MacWorlds as I could when they were in Bahstin.

* * *


The watch Apple offered when Mac OS 7 first arrived. I think I had to send in some proof-of-purchase for this. The plastic strap has since deteriorated.

* * *


A conference thank-you from a presentation I gave at Quest ’97, the Segue user conference. I talked about how fortunate I was to be at an organization (Kodak) that recognized the value of test automation and actually permitted me to build a curriculum to train others. At least, that’s what I think it was about.

* * *


I can’t believe I haven’t broken this yet. It’s from when I worked at Bitstream. It went along with the announcement for a new font product, Type City. A sticker in the back says February 1991. This was in the days when it took serious effort to get PC documents to print in interesting fonts. Unfortunately, the actual Red Grooms’ style city has deteriorated somewhat, so if I shake it, it’s not just sparkles but parts of the buildings and some strange bits that look like fish food.

* * *


More tradeshow stuff. The Pure Atria pens still work (of course). So does the Rational pen.

* * *


There was a point when I referred to this book continuously. Nowadays, I don’t even remember how to spell i-triple-e.

* * *


This was a yard sale find. No, I am not that old. But it came with this:


And these things are soooo extremely rare, I hear. The original owner’s name is penciled on upper left.

* * *


Old plastic take-up reels which I may actually never have used at a job, except for a brief stint at WBUR where I might actually have handled one. Somewhere in my attic there’s a box of 15ips tapes slowly deteriorating.

* * *