Mea culpa

Well, maybe it’s premature to apologize, but if you’ve come this far and were expecting an About page, then perhaps some forbearance is in order.

You’ve reached the “professional” blog of Grant Covell (not to be confused with another shingle I manage). I’ve busied in software development at all sorts of levels and roles for almost a quarter-century, from software development, software testing, software test automation and software performance testing to consulting, project management and customer issue resolution management. I’ve worked on typefaces, music typesetting software, scheduling software, software-as-a-service, medical devices, camera APIs and automatic language translation software.

I’m a pragmatic Agile practitioner and a Waterfall survivor.

I was at IBM for more than a decade. I started in IBM’s Software Group for the Rational brand (hence ratl).  I was the Performance Team Lead for ClearQuest and eventually became the manager of the Rational Performance Engineering team. For a bit I was in the Jazz Jumpstart team focusing upon helping customers get the most out of Jazz / CLM. Then I moved back to the RPE as the “Sr. Customer Performance Obsessor” to work on things like helping customers define the right topology for themselves, and figuring out how to improve what we do internally based upon what we learn about customers. I spent a lot of time working on the Deployment wiki. Later there were a few stints with two distinct acquisitions which became Cloud Data Services and Watson Health Imaging. There were some amazing people in both organizations, and I had the honor to manage some fantastic teams.

That’s a picture of me down there on the bottom of the Our Story page at No, not the feller with the suit — I’m the one in the cubicle covered in toilet paper. Folks I sat with at the IBM Mass Lab in Littleton, MA, would play pranks on each other and it eventually was my turn. It took weeks to clean that up… Because the unused paper left tiny bits of lint and confetti all over the place… Why, what were you thinking I meant?


Drop me a line at and say “hi.”