The Fall VoiCE Jam is ON

Every year we gather IBM Rational technical experts and customers to talk about product features and futures. This year we’re trying something a bit different this fall, which we’re calling a VoiCE Jam. Basically, we’re hosting several online discussion forums for you to suggest ideas and comment on others.

I’m working in the Deployment theme area (no surprise there). The topic is “Deployment  for Administrators: Improving the Deployment experience of your IBM Rational products and solutions.” There’s topics on performance, deployment and install.

It would be great if you could take a few minutes to collaborate with the community and your peers on your ideas for simplifying the deployment and maintenance of Rational products and solutions.  You can enter your own ideas. You can vote on others. You can also lurk without commenting or voting, but where’s the fun in that.

The VoiCE Jam is open until Friday, October 12, 2013. It costs nothing to register.

See you there!